Living to Serve Network-Missouri FFA

Lesson Plan for Episode 3- Emily Lock

November 28, 2016

2016-2017 Episode 3 Questions   

What State FFA officer is today’s host and what area do they represent?

Describe her SAE

What was her favorite part in FFA?

Who was interviewed this week and what is their area of expertise?  

What did they learn from their project?

Compare the competition between State and Nationals?

How long was the paper they had to complete?

What advice do they have for future science fair participants?

How could it apply in your situation? 

What place did they receive at Nationals? 

What background did this week’s State officer come from?

How many careers are in agriculture?

Describe the Agriscience Fair area of FFA?

What is known as the green revolution? 

Who is linked to this movement? 

What did he develop?

What type of improvements are possible because biotechnology?

List 10 facts of Missouri agriculture